Privacy policy

When a user uses various services, NY ACTORS WORKSHOP (leader Atsushi Dempoya) respects a user's privacy, and deals with the registered personal information according to the following privacy policies.

<The definition of personal information>

Personal information is the information about the user itself, and a user can be identified by description of the name which constitutes the information concerned, an address, the telephone number, a mail address, a school name, and others. Furthermore, when it compares with other information, the information which can identify a user is also considered to be personal information.

<Offer of personal information>

When a user applies our various services for participation to use or various activities, please inform us of a user's personal information.

<The use purpose of personal information>

We use the offered personal information for the following purpose.

* When the user who made an application of various services is specified

* When the sending and the notice of a material etc. about various services are carried out

* When a statistical work is carried out for the various improvements in service

In obtaining personal information for the purpose other than the above, it notifies a user in advance.

<Preservation of personal information>

Our secretariat and the president manage personal information. We strive for information securities, such as unlawful access and a cure against a virus, in order to prevent loss of personal information, destruction, an alteration, disclosure, etc.

<Disclosure of personal information>

Other than the legal request from an administrative organ, personal information is not disclosed to others without a user's preclearance. Moreover, when disclosing a user's personal information at our outsourcing place, secrecy agreements are exchanged, and I manage so that our outsourcing place may deal with personal information appropriately.

<Observance of a statute>

We observe the statute about personal information about handling of personal information.

<The administrator of personal information>

The NY ACTORS WORKSHOP secretariat's person in charge and the president concerned manage.

<About an inquiry>

Please use an inquiry form.

<About a link>

The external site linked from this site, the enterprise, etc. have the independent regulation. Since they are not related to us, they do not have all responsibility, either.

<About revision>

We may change without a prior notice, when the necessity for change by the content of the privacy policy arises.